Mycotoxin binder - Premix powder


Igedes has mycotoxin binding action. It is intended in all species to prevent from enteritis and intoxications (mycotoxicosis). It is effective at low dose (0.5 kg/t.) and do not adsorb to its structure other products like vitamins, enzymes or pharmacs.


Ileas Premix powder is administered mixed with the feed, continuously until slaughter.

• Dose (all species except aquaculture): 0.5-0,9 kg / Tm. Depending on the quality of raw materials.

• Dosage (aquaculture): contact for more information according to destination species.

Ileas oral solution is given

• Mixed with feed or raw materials by spraying at 0.4 kg / Tm. In case of high contamination, the dose can be increased up to 0,9 kg / Tm. Consult dosage for aquaculture.

• In drinking water at 0.5 ml / L for 5 days or 0.25 ml / L continuously. Suppress supply during days that are applied live in drinking water. Do not administer in fish farm water.