Intestinal optimizer - Premix powder and oral solution


Iftacellence, incorporated in feed, optimizes the functioning of the intestinal immune system. Prevent the action of intestinal parasites (coccidia) and other unicellular parasites in intestinal epithelial cells during the first stage of the reproductive cycle. In fish acts against intestinal protozoal infestations.


Iftacellence Powder Prémix is administered mixed with the feed.

• Dose (all species except aquaculture): 0.5 kg/Tm. Without withdrawal periods.

• Dosage (shrimp): 1.5 kg/Tm, until slaughtered.

• Dosage (other aquaculture species): contact for information according to destination species.

Iftacellence Oral Solution is given:

• Mixed with the feed at 0.5 ml/kg, in all species. Consult dosage for aquaculture.

• In drinking water: 0.25 - 0.5 ml/L. Do not use in water of fish farms.