Introducing IFTA LRS!

Enhance your poultry production with IFTA LRS, a premium feed meticulously designed to boost mineral absorption and improve eggshell quality.

👌🏻🙌🏻 Better Mineral Absorption

IFTA LRS ensures your poultry receives all the essential nutrients necessary for optimal egg production. Our feed is specially formulated to enhance mineral absorption, helping your layers convert feed into vital nutrients more efficiently.

🥚✨ Superior Eggshell Quality

Quality eggshells are crucial for successful poultry farming. IFTA LRS strengthens eggshells, significantly reducing breakages and enhancing the overall quality of your eggs. Stronger eggshells mean fewer losses and higher profits.

By choosing IFTA LRS, you are investing in a product that supports the well-being of your layers while maximizing your production benefits. Our feed is crafted with care, ensuring that your poultry receives the best nutrition available.

Take your poultry farming to the next level with Alquerfeed Layers and see the difference in your egg production!

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