Geographical distribution of livestock production in the United States

Geographical distribution of livestock production in the United States

The United States, is one of the largest livestock producers in the world due to several factors, including its large land area, diverse and favorable climate for agriculture, advanced technology, and large animal population. In addition, its economy is highly developed and has a large demand for meat and dairy products, which further boosts livestock production throughout the country.

Poultry industry:

Geographically speaking, poultry production in the United States is concentrated in specific regions within the southeastern states, such as Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama and North Carolina, being the main producers of broilers and eggs. These also have warm, humid climates that are ideal for production. However, there are also poultry production in other states such as Texas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

Turkey production is concentrated in the Midwest and northern United States, in the states of Minnesota, Arkansas, Missouri and North Carolina, with Minnesota being the main production state. These states have temperate climates and farms with modern technologies and a large presence of feed and equipment suppliers. Turkey production is also distributed throughout the states of Indiana, Wisconsin, and Ohio.

Dairy industry:

In the United States, dairy cows are mainly concentrated in the North and Midwest in states such as California, Wisconsin, Idaho, and New York. California is the largest milk producer followed by Wisconsin. These states have temperate and cool climates, which is ideal for dairy cattle, as well as many farms with modern technology. Other states that also feature dairy production are Texas, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico.

Meat industry:

Beef production is widely distributed throughout the United States. However, it is mainly concentrated in the Midwest and south of the country, such as the states of Texas, Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa, where Texas is the largest producer followed by Nebraska and Kansas. These states have temperate climates. There is also cattle production in the states of Montana, Colorado, and Wyoming, but on a smaller scale.

Pork industry:

The pork producing states for excellence are located in the Midwest, such as the states of Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota and North Carolina. These states are characterized by temperate climates and farms with a great technological advance in order to achieve the best production standards. On a smaller scale, other states that produce swine are Ohio, Indiana and Missouri.


In conclusion, the productive distribution of the United States is mainly concentrated in the Midwest and the East Coast, such as the states of Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Minnesota, California, Texas, New York, and Georgia. However, agriculture is practiced throughout the country, thanks to the high mechanization, technology, and research that each year develops and better adapts producers to the large extension of territory and climatic diversity they face, which allows high production and efficiency.