Last week IFTA USA, together with Biovet S.A., participated in the world’s largest annual event for the poultry, egg, meat and animal feed industries: IPPE 2024 (International Production & Processing Expo). A large number of decision people from the sector, from national and international environment, attended the fair to find solutions for the industry, establish contacts with other collaborators, search solutions for the problems faced by the industry and learn about the latest technological developments.

The event took place between January 30 and February 1, 2024 at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, USA.

With more than 1,400 exhibitors, more than 30,000 visitors and 120 countries represented, the fair achieved, once again, a guaranteed success.

Natural immunostimulant to improve the response to vaccination in birds

At the booth A1002, technical and commercial professionals provided valuable information about the most innovative products developed by IFTA USA Distributors and customers from the United States, Peru, Mexico, Central American countries and also Bangladesh, Nepal and Taiwan, among many others, participated in the meetings.

IFTA IMP (Alquernat Inmuplus) is a natural immunostimulant based on pronutrients, active molecules from plant extracts, which physiologically stimulate the activity of the cells of the immune system.

Its administration in feed or drinking water the days before and after the administration of vaccines improves the response of the animals and increases their protection against specific diseases.

Multiple field trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of IFTA IMP (Alquernat Inmuplus) in increasing the antibody titers obtained with vaccination, which is directly related to a better protection of the animals.

Its effectiveness has been tested with vaccines against avian infectious bronchitis, Gumboro disease and Newcastle disease, among others.

Another product of interest to egg producing companies, IFTA LRS (Alquerfeed Layers), is a supplement for laying birds indicated to improve mineral absorption and eggshell quality. Its effectiveness was exposed in the various meetings held during the event.

Likewise, topics of interest were discussed, such as the regulation of rapid transit with IFTA DTM  (Alquerfeed Diatom), the control of digestive pathogens with IFTA AMN (Alquermold Natural), or the control of coccidiosis through the use of intestinal optimizer pronutrients, part of the IFTA ZCX  (Alquernat Zycox) product.

Waiting for IPPE 2025, from 28th to 30th of January, the IFTA USA team remains at your disposal to offer you natural solutions for the prevention of avian diseases.