Optimizing Intestinal Transit in Poultry

Fast intestinal transit affects both well-being of the animal intestine and production efficiency in industrial poultry farming. When it comes to digestion and nutrient absorption, the intestine plays a fundamental role. Here are the key aspects:

1. Nutrients and Absorption: The small intestine is where most nutrient absorption occurs. If intestinal transit is too rapid, the intestinal mucosa doesn’t have enough time to capture all the nutrients present in the feed. This can negatively impact on bird growth.

2. Mucosal Damage: Excessively fast intestinal transit can damage the intestinal mucosa. The mucosa is the inner layer of the intestine involved in nutrient absorption. If it’s damaged, absorption efficiency decreases. 

3. Impact on Production: Optimizing intestinal transit benefits not only bird well-being but also has economic implications. Proper transit allows better nutrient utilization, resulting in lower feed costs and improved meat production. 

4. Diatom Solution: Our product, Diatom, is specifically designed to reduce intestinal transit in poultry. It contains natural ingredients that promote intestinal well-being and nutrient absorption. By including Diatom in the diet, you can slow down the digestive process and maximize production efficiency: More tons of meat saving a lot of feed.